Advertising More Important to Progressive Insurance Than People/Victims

You can’t watch television without being bombarded daily by Progressive Auto Insurance hitting you over the head with how wonderful a company it is.  Well, FLO, Progressive Insurance’s hippy-dippy bright and chipper advertising SHILL should be banging her head against a wall in shame over the company’s regressive policies of stupidly and aggressively denying legitimate claims against its clients.

I used to think the bubbly beacon of LIES was funny in those commercials; now I just want to shoot her eye out with “ A Christmas Story”’s little Ralphie’s Red Ryder BB gun.

Progressive SUCKS.  Scores of people all across the internet think so too about this auto insurance company.  It’s been ravaged by complaints for years.  Too bad the scuzzy entity doesn’t bother to change its attitude or disgusting policies.

Complaints & Reviews
1-STAR OUT OF 5 = 865 complaints and reviews at
123 complaints and reviews and 0 resolved issues at
179 complaints and reports at

Here’s a really good story:
CBS News August 16, 2012, 11:52 AM — Internet outrage grows around Progressive Insurance: This week, Internet outrage has mounted against Progressive insurance. Many Progressive customers are taking to social networking sites to declare that they will cancel their policies after a blogger accused the insurance company of defending a driver who killed one of its policyholders. READ MORE/WATCH VIDEO!

Better Business Org. — 1287 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 429 closed in last 12 months.  Problems with Product/Service accounted for 869 of those complaints.

Trailer Hitch Injuries Proved But Progressive Can’t Be Bothered
More recently insurance adjusters for the crappy company claimed that no one could possibly be injured by its client who bashed into the back of a stopped car just because there was no actual damage to the victims’ car.  Except in this case, their client bashed hard into the car’s trailer hitch which PROGRESSIVE insurance companies and their claims agents should know actually causes more damage to the occupants as the force of impact is transferred directly from the frame of the vehicle to the victims inside.

The Influence of a Tow Bar on Crash Pulse in Rear End Car Accidents is discussed in great detail in a well known Swedish study back in 2002 – a study very well understood by personal injury lawyers in this country but something the insurance companies wish to ignore so they can continue to deny claims.  Here’s a quote from its preface “…the database from the Swedish insurance company Folksam and research show that rear-end collisions have twice a higher risk for whiplash injuries than frontal ones. … If you look at the material properties of a tow-bar, it can be considered as a rigid element compared to the other components at the back of the car (e.g. plastic bumper).”  The FULL REPORT is a 55-page detailed study with graphs, illustrations, conclusions, an appendix of professional references going back to 1991). READ IT HERE

BUT Progressive, the regressive insurance company and its agents can’t be bothered to take any of this into account.  Instead, it will use every excuse not to pay on claims.“According to a studies conducted and results released through Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, 2005 and Accident Analysis & Preventions 32 (2000) 187-195), occupants in vans or light trucks are at an increased risk for cervical and lumbar injuries. This risk is associated with the frame of the vehicle that distributes the forced of the collision onto the occupant of the vehicle, rather than through the plastic of the vehicle. The injury is a difference between the acceleration of the individual in the vehicle and the vehicle itself.”

It seems everyone understands the problem with tow hitches except for retarded insurance companies, specifically Progressive:

National Safety Commission Gets It:
Here’s an Excerpt: (the author is an expert in rear end collisions)  Friday, April 01, 2011 How Receiver Hitches Affect Rear End Collision Injuries
Today, roughly 40% of the vehicles on the highway have receiver hitches – and although they are necessary for towing – they reduce rear end collision damage and INCREASE the risk of whiplash by creating a stiff “crash pulse”.
In a European study by Chalmers with data from Folksam and Autoliv they concluded that a vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch (tow bar) increases the risk of whiplash by 22% if it is hit in the rear. And in the United States the most frequent vehicle accident is the rear end collision.

In a rear end collision involving a vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch, the crash energy is transferred directly to the frame of the “target” vehicle and then to the occupants. This isn’t rocket science. If you bolt a steel beam (receiver hitch) to the steel frame rails of a pickup truck or SUV – you’re going to create a stiffer “crash pulse”. A receiver hitch completely changes the crash dynamics.
If you are involved in a rear end collision and you have a vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch chances are that the damage to your vehicle will be minimized. Although you may think this is a good thing, the biggest problem arises if you want to make an injury claim. Your insurance company will argue that since there is little damage to your vehicle, you could not have been injured – and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For the insurance company it’s a win, win situation – they don’t have to spend as much money fixing your vehicle and it makes it more difficult for you because low impact crash cases are becoming increasingly more complex and harder to prove when they show little damage.

SO DESPITE two senior citizen victims having incurred thousands of dollars in chiropractic medical bills for whiplash and back injuries this is how Progressive’s regressive English language challenged claims agent Angela Rivers ( replied in a recent letter directed to the victims’ attorney:  “As we previously advised you, the was a a low-impact, low-velocity accident on in which we would not expect an injury .. Please be advised that it is unlikely that we will consider any treatment related to your clients’ injury.”

This was after prior Progressive claims agent Jennifer Lewan disrespected the victims and personally told one of the seniors “I have a gun in my purse”….

Others Get It!

Next time Progressive’s hippy-dippy shitty SHILL FLO shows her face we should all push the red button in the hopes she will self implode and take the company’s pig claims agents with her.

Why Voting is NOT in Your Best Interest

The U.S. government is constantly telling us to get out and VOTE.  It’s a farce.  The aim is to get Americans to buy into the LIE that their vote matters.  Why do I say this?  Because everything the government does is designed to make our votes NOT matter in the slightest.  Here’s why:

Campaign Financing Reform
Congress will never ratify true campaign financing reform.  It’s against THEIR interests to do so.  They want free money and lots of it pouring into their campaign war chests at all times and they’ve even made laws protecting their right to use that political money for personal use.

Citizens United
The Supreme Court ruled in 2010 (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission) that corporations are people with free speech rights and their free speech equates to donating tons of money into political campaigns with zero accountability.

Ralph Nader, a lawyer who placed third in the popular vote in the presidential elections of 2000, 2004, and 2008, condemned the ruling, saying that “With this decision, corporations can now directly pour vast amounts of corporate money, through independent expenditures, into the electoral swamp already flooded with corporate campaign PAC contribution dollars.”

Sanda Everette, co-chair of the Green Party, stated that “The ruling especially hurts the ability of parties that don’t accept corporate contributions, like the Green Party, to compete.” Another Green Party officer, Rich Whitney, stated “In a transparently political decision, a majority of the US Supreme Court overturned its own recent precedent and paid tribute to the giant corporate interests that already wield tremendous power over our political process and political speech.”

Redistricting, better known as gerrymandering, the definition of which is manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group .  Electoral districts are routinely redrawn to change the voter demographic.  This has been going on for many years.

Voter Suppression

Discouraging or preventing people from exercising the right to vote.  Voter suppression techniques include voter ID laws, voter caging (challenging the registration status of voters), intimidation of voters at polling places and felony disenfranchisement. Research has shown that suppression of voters has become an integral part of politics for both liberals and conservatives in the USA and across the Western World.

Voting Rights Act
In 2013 the Supreme Court invalidated an integral part of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act.  The justices ruled Congress has been using obsolete information in continuing to require nine states with a history of racial discrimination to obtain federal approval for changes to voting rules. In recent years, Democrats have accused Republicans at the state level of enacting measures including congressional redistricting and voter identification laws to suppress the vote of minority groups likely to support Democratic candidates.

Election Day Run Around
And lastly, or maybe firstly — how about the fact that while many countries make their election days a national holiday, we in America must try to squeeze in waiting in line to vote (and in some places, very long lines) during a regular work day while we have myriad other things to do including caring for ourselves, our children, ill relatives and so forth.


Americans should en masse NOT vote.  Nobody should go to the polls.  That way we’ll be telling our politicians that we actually noticed the wool they’ve been pulling over our eyes all these years.  The only people going to the polls would be the CEOs voting for their “first amendment” rights at the expense of everyone else’s.  That’s what they do anyway.  Maybe then our bullshitting politicians will get the hint that their asses are on the line.

The U.S. Leads the Way To Nowhere

Two days ago President Obama proclaimed that the United States would lead in the fight against Ebola.  That sounds nice, but the U.S. can’t even lead its way into the 21st century.  America – the land of greed, stupidity and hypocrisy.

We have a Congress of do-nothings except for when they want to boost their own salaries, take extended vacations and so called business travel jaunts to exotic places, grant themselves benefits like generous health insurance and numerous freebies, give themselves the ability to engage in insider trading … and the list goes on and on.

We have a government were all Republican candidates for President proclaim themselves to believe in the literal interpretation of the bible at the expense of science based evolution.    They’re a group of climate deniers who believe women have fewer rights than men and gays have fewer rights than anyone else and they make sure to put those anachronistic views into law by refusing to pass legislation that stops them dead in their tracks.  As a nation, women’s rights to safe abortions and family planning are attacked daily.  We have no Death with Dignity statutes.   Our medical system sucks and is behind most technologically advanced countries.  Our education system sucks and places close to the bottom as well.

Lead on Ebola?  Just like our country lead in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Our government lost many millions of tax payer dollars in Iraq and has never been accountable for anything.  We fought the terrorist Taliban in Afghanistan, the very same people we supplied weapons to thirty five years earlier.  But we don’t ever discuss that.  And now we’re supplying weapons in Syria to people who will most likely turn around and use them against us some years down the line.

Our government has wasted millions of dollars in military equipment in those countries and we don’t really want to discuss that too much either although the excuse the military gives is that it would be too expensive to ship the stuff home.  Our government didn’t have any problem shipping the stuff to those countries in the first place so how is it suddenly too expensive to bring it back home?  They would rather just leave equipment behind so our enemies can make good use of it.  Perhaps the locals will turn the tanks and humvees into porta potties or line them up end to end to create new bridges or maybe just rent them out to be turned into studio apartments.  That’s only after the equipment becomes useless as weapons.

Why should the U.S. have to lead at all?  If anyone should lead it would be the group Doctors Without Borders since they’ve been treating victims of the disease for about seven years now.  Europe isn’t exactly broken.  Let those nations take the lead on something, anything!  Just send money?  We always do.  Even when our own people go hungry, homeless and without medical treatment.  People in central California don’t even have water in their homes as a result of a 4-year long drought.  Where is government planning when it’s really needed?

The hypocrisy of America is that we are a free nation where everyone prospers.  We like to think of ourselves as technologically advanced and yet we can no longer get ourselves to the International Space Station, instead, having to rely on the Russians.  We are backward socially.  We allow close minded morons to make decisions because majority rules and the majority appears to be close minded religious conservatives and those who think corporate interests and profits are worth more than any group of individuals who work hard and long to make those corporations profitable in the first place.

We don’t lead.  We slack back and throw up our hands and say “Oh well” … and … “God bless America.”

Ozone Therapy that May Help Treat/Cure Ebola Ignored by Mainstream Medicine

The following video discusses how previously known therapies have been long forgotten and now totally ignored by mainstream medicine despite their being highly effective in treating and riding the body of bacteria and viruses.  Now with Ebola on the front lines, you have to wonder why our doctors and medical associations aren’t scrambling to renew the use of these therapies.  And once again the answer always must come back to big pharmaceutical companies ruling the planet at the expense of all our lives.

The next video shows Physicians Testimony on Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and Ozone therapies for a variety of conditions.

Civil Forfeiture: A Crime Against Americans

This is a brilliant take down of America’s twisted criminal justice system by John Oliver on his Last Week Tonight with John Oliver show (HBO).  Must See by ALL!

Why The CDC is Incompetent and Not to be Trusted

THE CDC makes no sense.  It says it did everything right with respect to the Dallas Ebola victim, that he did not exhibit symptoms when he boarded a plane in Liberia and came to the U.S.  Considering the fact that there is a 21-day incubation period for the disease, he (and all travelers) should have been in quarantine for three weeks PRIOR to boarding the plane in the first place.

JULY 2014 – Six vials of smallpox were discovered in a storage room at an unguarded FDA lab in Maryland that once belonged to the US National Institutes of Health.  In all  they found 12 boxes containing 327 vials labelled with various unpleasant pathogens, from influenza and dengue fever to rickettsia and Q fever.

JUNE 20, 2014 – Anthrax Scare:  84 workers at CDC’s Atlanta headquarters were exposed to the deadly bacterium, Bacillus anthracis, after a breach at the agency’s Bioterrorism Rapid Response and Advanced Technology Laboratory. The number of workers being monitored for anthrax was revised from 75 when the lab breach was announced The previous Thursday.  Workers followed the wrong procedure to “inactivate” batches of Bacillus anthracis, the bacterium that causes anthrax. The agency came under attack on June 13 for “serious” airflow problems in its  Atlanta building that houses anthrax, SARS and monkeypox.  It stems from a poorly engineered airflow system in Building 18..

MARCH 2014 – Staffers sent samples of a fairly harmless strain of bird flu to scientists at the US Department of Agriculture. To the agricultural team’s alarm, every chicken they infected with the virus died. It was only after 21 birds had succumbed that they discovered why: the CDC samples had been contaminated with a strain of highly lethal H5N1 bird flu. Natural outbreaks of the virus have killed hundreds of people in Asia.

At least three different incidents between 2007 and 2012 called into question the CDC’s laboratory safety and security systems, which are designed to keep dangerous pathogens like smallpox, monkey pox and SARS from escaping into the general population.

In 2007, backup generators failed to keep airflow systems working during a power outage.

In 2008, the door to a lab housing Coxiella Burnetii was found to be sealed with duct tape after a ventilation system malfunction. Nine workers were tested for the bacterium, which causes Q fever, but none were infected.

2009-2010 – Security doors were left unlocked to an area where experiments occur with dangerous germs.  “The doors in question here are but one layer of multiple layers of security when it comes to both the animals and the agents that are worked on,” CDC spokesman Tom Skinner said at the time.

There are probably more stupid breaches.  This just goes to show that when the agency says it knows what it’s doing and tries to assure all of us that it does it’s just plain nonsense.

California Governor Jerry Brown a Total Sell Out

Jerry Brown, California’s criminal traitor of a governor is intent on selling out the state to illegal immigrants.  First it was giving them driver’s licenses, now more free education and even professional licensing for doctors and lawyers.  Why even have formal citizenship in this country if jerks like this can get away with this kind of absurdity?

He diverted hundreds of millions of dollars in polluter fees into building the doomed bullet train which is billions of dollars over budget and will most likely never be a reality in our lifetimes.

At the same time he does these irresponsible things he has the audacity to lecture the state’s Democratic leadership on the need for fiscal responsibility.  The man is an idiot.

Democrats are the worst offenders of such pandering followed a close second by the ridiculous Republicans.  Both are so desperate to get elected/reelected that they sell out to anyone who can cast a ballot.  If  dogs could vote they’d be giving tummy rubs to one and all.

Politicians are greedy pigs.  In the case of Brown, though, he doesn’t have to worry too much about reelection since he has a huge lead over his republican opponent Neel Kashkari.  Why? We have no idea other than to believe that Californians are supreme suckers to catering to illegal immigrants on every level possible and because the majority are democrats they simply vote that way anytime they can.  Of course the alternative is to vote for a climate change/evolution denying, abortion banning bible thumper of a republican jerk off.  There is simply no real choice; no common sense candidate.

USAViews stands by eliminating the Republican Party from our lexicon and punching the Democrats in the head to wake them up to smell the shit.  Because the U.S. is going down the shitter faster than that fantasy bullet train.