A Black President?

Congratulations, Barack Obama. Congratulations, America. Now comes the hard part – governing on those lofty promises – which is something anyone would have to do, republican or democrat.

But let’s get something straight first. Obama is not black. Obama is of mixed race. And he’s not African-American. He’s American. As someone of mixed race, he truly can identify with both sensibilities. As someone who came from lesser means, he can understand the problems that the majority of Americans must face everyday. I cannot think of a better representative to bind the people of this country together.

Obama is intelligent, thoughtful and articulate. Obama is willing to engage in diplomacy. Obama’s message has been ‘hope for the future’ and ‘change for the better’. And even though Obama is younger than his Republican opponent, he proved to be the more mature one.

George Bush was a stupid warmonger who was arrogant about his stupidity. And McCain was happy to blindly follow Bush’s lead. Obama was lucky enough to have raised the most money ever in a Presidential campaign, but Bush comes from oil wealth and McCain lives comfortably in 11 homes and with 13 cars and has an heiress for a wife. Neither Republican falls into your “average American” category despite their clamor about pitching to their “base”. Their only base has been their “Joe the Plumber” and “Joe Six-Pack” mentality. Thankfully, America woke up and realized that that mentality is pathetic and ugly and not something that was going to move us away from our woes and into the splendid future.

The whole world has been watching and will continue to watch. It is now time for America to shine. We will only do that with honesty, tolerance, intelligence and fortitude. We must face our problems head on and fix them. We can no longer set them aside and say they’ll wait for another day. Our natural resources are limited; our economy and our environment are in shambles. We must make every representative accountable.

I have hope for the first time in many years. Obama knows what needs to be done. Now if only we can make it happen!  — filed 11/5/08


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