A Planet of Retards

Our self-proclaimed claim to fame as the most intelligent species on the planet doesn’t hold an ounce of water. Almost every problem we face as a society can be traced to overpopulation yet it’s the one subject we refuse to address. Why? Oh my goodness, we might insult someone. My response? Too fucking bad. The truth is the truth and if you can’t handle it, go hide your head in the sand and wait till the nuke hits or the planet implodes.

In Los Angeles, all you have to do is take a look at any freeway and you’ll understand the concept of overpopulation. Or, you can look toward the hills, or at least what used to be hills, before developers bulldozed the trees and shrubs and turned our environment into the ugly boxes they call houses. Why? “People have to live somewhere”, the phrase goes. My response? Yeah, they can live in Mexico and other Latin American countries from which they came. Who says that the United States is obligated to support every other country’s population? Other nations should contend with their own people and if the people don’t like the government or situation they find themselves in, then they should work to better it where they are. And if they’re too stupid to figure it out, then that’s when the concept of “survival of the fittest” comes in to play.

Furthermore, why don’t the banks, corporations and developers develop those countries instead of overdeveloping and therefore overpopulating ours? And most important, if the Catholic Church is going to tell the people of all of these nations that it’s wrong to practice birth control then I think ALL of these people should be supported by the Catholic Church. They should all show up in Vatican City and load their babies onto the altar of God.

Africa has been a disaster since forever. The land can’t support the population. Have you ever seen a news story out of there that didn’t include famine, starvation, disease, genocide and women with 5-10 children? Birth control? God forbid; that would be too logical.

Man tries to control every other species on the planet but won’t control his own mess. Climate Change — some assholes in government and the scientific and corporate communities say climate change is not a problem. Their phrase goes like this: “the planet has healed itself in the past and there have always been climate changes going on.” My response? When in the history of the planet have we ever had such a massive number of people and such a massive number of businesses all doing things to adversely affect the environment?

Some people just won’t accept the truth because they don’t have to. These are greedy individuals who make money from everyone else’s misery or who get to remain in control at the top of the ladder – the rich sons of bitches who saunter through life while others mire in the muck. Corporate executives, rich government officials, you know them; you see them on the news everyday. They literally get away with murder – they allow our environment to be destroyed; they make excuses not to address important social issues because they’re afraid they won’t get re-elected. They do absolutely nothing but feed themselves. How did the world get so topsy-turvy?

If we as humans exercised social responsibility in any meaningful manner, we would have controlled our population many years ago and not run rampant across the planet killing or pushing out of existence every other species. Self-control is the one thing the human being cannot and will not learn. Shame!

Think before you act. You want to have a child? My first response is why? I have a really hard time buying into the concept that every married couple needs to have children in order to feel complete. In this overpopulated environment I think that is remarkably selfish. Then I might say “Adopt one”. You want to have a child? My next response might be “NO”; you’re too stupid to bring up a child. You want to have a child? Do you have the funds to support this child 100%? That means food, clothing, education, medicine? What about the people on welfare or teen parents or people who have a bunch of children already and cannot afford to rear them? What the hell gives them the right to dump their kids on the rest of us and force us to support them? Nothing.

Social responsibility – try exercising that right. — Filed Jan.11, 2009


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