Bad Parents = Bad Kids

Here I am innocently wandering the aisles of my local supermarket Here I am innocently passing the salad bar. Here I am spotting a boy around 12 years of age (an age at which he should have known better) dipping his filthy little hand into the crock of cucumbers, yanking some out and placing them into his mother’s tray.

Now, I’m telling the little idiot that he shouldn’t be doing that. And what does his idiot mother do? Well, rather than scolding the idiot kid for displaying gross manners, she tells me to mind my own business. I tell her it is my business because I may very well be the next person eating the food from that same crock.

If I had done such a thing when I was a kid my mother would have backhanded me clear to the seafood section. On second thought, I wouldn’t have been backhanded anywhere since I never would have done such a disgusting thing in the first place.

Then this idiot mother defends her idiot son’s actions by saying “he’s just a kid”. Well that excuse may have worked for a four year old, but not a 12 year old. And instead of defending the little idiot, she should be teaching him some manners. But that would presume that the mother herself weren’t an idiot.

I know, it’s all my fault. I didn’t at first realise that I was dealing with a family of idiots. Now I know. How could I possibly expect the kid to understand that his behavior was incorrect when his own parent fluffs it off as something to be ignored.

About a month ago, a kid, this one around five-years old was playing by a curb. My husband and I were driving along when suddenly this kid stands up and hurls a rock directly at my windshield. We quickly pulled over. Well, you should have seen this little bugger scream bloody murder as my husband ran after him right to the front door of his house. My husband rang and knocked and told the kid’s father what the bugger had done. The father apologized for the bugger and I’d like to believe that he also had some words with the little bugger after we were gone, but who knows.

Two completely different reactions from two different kinds of parents regarding their child’s behavior: one is defensive and downright rude while the other apologetic.

The idiot mother should have her parenting license revoked. Oh, I forgot there is no such thing. What a shame.

The upshot is, parents shouldn’t make excuses for their kids’ bad behavior. They should be changing it.

There’s been a lot of talk about parental responsibility following the Colorado school shootings. But I’m wondering how you can expect parents to control their child’s anti-social or destructive behaviors when they don’t even have the presence of mind to control the little things like common manners. (originally posted approx 1999)


One response to “Bad Parents = Bad Kids

  1. Well, I was backhanded for the same thing when I was 6. Although it never happened again I can tell you, there is a middle approach. Don’t backhand your kids, they will resent you. Instead, explain to them what germs are and how they spread. A twelve year old should know the difference, unless they are developmentally disabled, or from a third world country, but times are changing and people are more ignorant now.

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