Common Sense Anti-Terrorism

Now, I’m no anti-terrorism expert, but here’s a thought. Just a thought, mind you. How about instead of foiling the rights and conveniences of countless millions of people (travelers and otherwise), we target the kinds of people most associated with doing the evil deeds. I know some misguided individuals call this “profiling”, as if that is an illogical sin, but, seriously folks, can you imagine a serial killer leaving the site of his crime, spotted by dozens of people who described him as a white, twenty-year-old, tall, 500-pound dark haired man and then having the police do a manhunt for EVERYONE of every possible color, age, sex and ethnicity? It would be an obscene waste of time and money for absolutely EVERYONE, not just the police, not just the public, but of every kind of industry associated with servicing these imaginary targets.

The police, to my knowledge, don’t do that, so why the hell should our government engage in such stupidity? The answer has always been: they don’t want to offend anyone of a specific persuasion: Arabs and moslems. Oh really? I admit I was a little more than just offended on September 11, 2001 as were the majority of American citizens and others around the world. I’ve been more than just offended when trains in Spain were obliterated or when British “citizens” of Pakistani descent planned more bombings, or when countless other incidents around the world over the years resulted in the massacre of innocents, all perpetrated by extremist Moslems out to allegedly do Allah’s work.

Frankly, I’m tired of being so offended. I’m tired of watching millions of people turn into sheep as they are herded through airport terminals and told to dump their toiletries because some assholes in England were going to use “liquids” to set off explosives on planes. Liquids. What kinds of liquids? Gasoline, alcohol, butane, kerosene, propane? The kind that are already forbidden on flights?

What did these British assholes look like? The same as all the other extremist assholes who have done harm over the years.

So why should every man, woman and child be subjected to ridiculous restrictions? How dangerous really is my tube of lipstick (that’s not liquid and besides, wouldn’t it just melt if exposed to high heat?), my deodorant (I use a crystal stone that’s solid not liquid); how flammable is my herbal shampoo (I’d hate to think I could blow up in the shower); what about my toothpaste (I know fluoride can really do damage to the body, but can terrorists kill me with it too?); can my thyroid pills really be mistaken for cyanide (maybe by inexperienced, low paid, stupid airport security); and hair gel, how much alcohol is in those products – enough to blow up a plane? If so, the FDA should have taken them off the market long ago.

Homeland Security is determined not to offend people of the same persuasion as the extremists, just EVERYONE else. The organization is determined to make travel and vacationing a supremely joyless experience even more so than the crowded skies have over the years.

I want to be able to travel with the things I need to be well groomed and that includes nail clippers. I do not want to have to take off my shoes and walk around on bacteria, virus laden floors or have strangers probing my body.

I want COMMON SENSE back in the world.

I want people of the same persuasion as the terrorists to rise up against the asshole extremists instead of the governments and people trying to contain them. Common sense.

I want PROFILING. I want our security people to go after the TERRORISTS, not EVERYONE else. Common sense.

I want our good people to tell our government, “enough is enough, go after the terrorists and stop fucking with us.” Really, people, what’s it going to take for you all to wise up, when the government tells you to walk nude onto the planes?

I can truly understand why good Arabs and Moslems are angry at the idea of profiling. It is disdainful to a degree, but logically, it cannot be ignored. And as a group, it is as much their responsibility to thwart the threat. Their leaders hold the greatest responsibility to teach people, especially the youth, how to function in a multi-culture world and how to respect the rules, laws and customs of their adopted homelands, or stay in their own countries with the curtains drawn tight. Show a little common sense. The extremists are as much their enemy as they are ours. (original post approx 2001-2002)


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