Gay Marriage

Voters in at least three states were faced with propositions related to Gay marriage. In California, it was Proposition 8, put on the ballot and funded by Mormons that stated that marriage should only be considered valid between a man and a woman. It passed. And in so doing, it took away the rights and validity of Gay marriage granted by California statutes.

The people being blamed are Blacks who voted overwhelmingly for it. Apparently Blacks thought that civil rights should only apply to them. Everyone else who voted for it apparently has never heard of the concepts of separation of church and state or that all are created equal.

Everyone jumped on the religious bandwagon, believing every outrageous thing said by a bunch of religious zealots. Whatever happened to love thy neighbor; treat everyone as you would have them treat you? It’s 100% religious bigotry and it’s obscene.

And what’s all this defense of heterosexual marriage about anyway? Fifty percent (or is it more by now) heterosexual marriages end in divorce. The kids are no better off bouncing between one parent or the other, assuming that both parents are even still around. What about the trauma to them of being stuck in the middle of a vicious divorce battle? It happens all the time. And what kind of trauma do they suffer when one or the other heterosexual parent engages in adultery and the rest of the family finds out about it?

Gays are bad people and therefore bad influences simply because they’re gay? Whether gay or straight, good people, are good influences. Sexuality has nothing to do with it. And straight kids aren’t going to magically turn gay just because they have gay parents. Their sexual orientation is pretty much set at birth and studies show this to be true.

If there’s any sanctity left to marriage, it is not in its institution, it’s in the people who elect to be married – people who both love and respect each other and if they choose to have a children – it’s in the love and respect shown to them. — filed 11/10/08


One response to “Gay Marriage

  1. I just wrote a blog (feel free to check it out) about how Gay Marriage should be legal. I’m Mormon, so I think it’s slightly comical that I’m totally different than any other Mormon that you’ll ever meet. It’s not that I am gay, or would ever get married to a woman. However, my stand on the whole issue is that if a man marries a man, what harm is that gonna do to me? They love each other any way. It’s not my problem, it’s not my life. Therefore I see it as their choice to make. I can live my life happily, but also allow gays to live their lives happily.

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