Hillary Clinton & NYC

I keep trying to figure out why New Yorkers would want to vote for a woman from Arkansas and Washington D.C., a woman who knows absolutely nothing about their state or their problems. Then I keep wondering why the law would allow someone who’s never even lived in the state to run for politics there.

I hope she loses big time. I hope she goes under in flames. Lots of women are applauding Hillary as the strongest woman in the world.

My God, she’s juggled home, family, a law partnership, a husband in the political spotlight. She’s intelligent, blah, blah, blah.

You know what she is … she’s politically ambitious and greedy. So, that makes her great? She rides camels and goes to Macedonia to tell the people there how sorry she is for them. She stands behind her adulterer, sexually – perverse husband. A stronger woman would have left the bum years ago. But, not Hillary. She never would have made it to the Arkansas governor’s mansion nor the White House had she done that.

Oh dear, and when she hits the campaign trail for good, Hillary will once again have to juggle home, family and yes, don’t forget White House parties and the “chores” of being a First Lady, as if any one of us knows or cares what those chores might be. I’m sure it’s not dusting, cleaning and doing the laundry like the rest of us First Ladies.

And just think, when she’s out on the campaign trail, Old Billy can dilly-dally in the oval office all night long and not be missed. She must have been busy all those nights anyway, writing volumes to improve health care in America. Yeah, that sure worked.

Go away, Hillary. You mean absolutely nothing to me. You are not my heroine. You are not my idol. I don’t support your run for politics, even though you used my tax dollars to make all those look-see trips to New York.

And I sure as hell don’t want to be supporting your campaign. Go back to Arkansas. I think they still love you there. (originally posted at usaviews.com)


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