NYC tells Hillary Clinton: Go Home! … I Wish

How stupid are our state governments, anyway? Or at least how stupid are they in New York? Some bimbo from Arkansas and Washington D.C. pops into New York and the minute she gets here she’s suddenly eligible to become a candidate for state senator. What?

Shouldn’t she know what the hell New York is all about before being able to declare herself anything to do with New York? Why isn’t there a five-year residency requirement?

I think that would make a lot more sense, giving her the time needed to learn about the state she says she wants to represent.

And why New York, anyway? Why not go back to Arkansas? Is she suddenly too good for Arkansas? We don’t want her in New York. She doesn’t represent anything about us. She doesn’t know anything about us!

And notice how she moved upstate right away – far enough from the meat of the city (Manhattan and its boroughs) to know what that’s all about. Of course the real upstaters (Albany & Buffalo – way upstate) always think the downstaters (NYC types) never know what’s going on anyway. That’s because New York is a pretty big state with very different issues going on up and down. Up is farm and suburban – Down is urban, generally speaking.

Are we supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton even has a clue about what’s going on here. She doesn’t and never will.

The only thing Hillary knows how to do is to “stand by her man”. She won’t admit it but frankly that’s all she’s ever done – stand by the sexual predator creep, a.k.a. Billy Bob Clinton. She stood by him in Arkansas and she stood by him in D.C. – and now we’re supposed to vote for a woman who let some jerk make a fool of her and the nation right under her own nose and in her own house! <

Boy, the downstate criminals will love that! Hillary, please go home – wherever else that might be but please don’t call New York home. It’s not and never will be.


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