Sarah Palin & Her Clothes

Sarah Palin is upset that the news media is still hammering her about the $150,000 or more spent by her and her family on clothing during the Republican campaign. She says that there are more important things to discuss. Probably she’s referring to Barack Obama’s nonexistent Moslem religion or his nonexistent “paling around with terrorists”. Or maybe what she’s referring to is the crib she plans to buy for her teenage daughter’s illegitimate child.

This brain-dead twit still doesn’t get it. Her clothing expense is important because the Republican campaign used public funds just so she could go on a shopping spree. This is just a guess, mind you, but I’m thinking that there are a lot of “hockey moms” out there who might enjoy the opportunity to stock up on clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales – assuming that the majority of them had even heard of those top of the line stores.

At a time when those very same “hockey moms” are trying to figure a way to put food on the table so their little hockey pucks can eat, you have to wonder what went through the heads of Republican campaign managers and Palin herself when her clothes closet was being reassembled. I never understood how people in government can say they appeal to the average citizen when they flaunt their wealth at us. Joe the Plumber too should open his eyes to the hypocrisy of Republican ways. But then again they probably only bought him a new set of designer tee-shirts and perhaps a belt to hold up his droopy drawers.

Except for the clothing fiasco, I do wish the news media would finally forget about Palin now that she’s back up in Alaska holding fort with her convicted felon Senator Ted Stevens who, thankfully, just lost his bid for re-election. It’s the land of the dumb and dumber. I only feel sorry for the poor animals who are routinely slaughtered as a sign of bravado from the human “stupids”. — filed 11/12/08


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