Silly Hilly Defends Billy’s Willy

Several years ago we saw Hillary Clinton perched on a sofa with her husband Bill on a night-time news program defending her husband against charges that he was having an affair with girl of the year Gennifer Flowers. And she made it very clear that she wasn’t just a ‘stand by your man’ kind of gal like in that “Tammy Wynette song”. It’s a conspiracy, she said, husband Bill never had an affair and why are all these people lying about him, she asked.

Then came Paula Jones; then came Monica Lewinsky and a few others in between.

Just this past week, Hillary Clinton suddenly sprang forth with the truth in “Talk” magazine, telling everyone she’s known all along about Bill’s affairs and lo and behold they are a result of childhood abuses he suffered and conflicts between his mother and grandmother. Says Hillary: “A psychologist once told me that for a boy, being in the middle of a conflict between two women is the worst possible situation. There is always a desire to please each one.”

Interesting that these traumas only manifest themselves as sexual peccadilloes and nothing more severe to keep him out of high political office. I mean why not wear a house dress and pretend he’s Betty Crocker in his off-time? To his credit, Bill Clinton said he wouldn’t blame his childhood experiences and that he was solely responsible for his actions.

But why did Hillary come forward now with this ridiculous tale of woe? The New York Senate, that’s why. Hillary is seeking political office for herself. And in true political form, she has done one of those amazing turnarounds from falsity to truth or truth to falsity, or anything in between – it doesn’t matter which – that politicians so ably do.

People have been wondering for a long time: ‘Why didn’t she just leave the bum years ago?’ Well, she never would have made it to the Arkansas’ governor’s mansion nor the White House had she done that. Political ambition and greed.

Hillary Clinton is a ‘stand by your man’ kind of gal, after all. Rather than appearing as a sap to Billy’s dilly-dallying, Hillary has tried to paint herself strong: she just won’t leave a man who is ‘sick’. Abused people now have an excuse for their behaviors and what kind of woman would she be perceived as if she left him in the midst of his torments? Not very motherly or wifely.

If you ask me, it’s the ‘Twinkie Defense’ all over again. Too much sugar made him do it; too much baking cookies in the kitchen with those two old biddies all those years ago.

Go away, Hillary, Bill’s a pig. Admit it. And you’re just plain greedy. (original post approx 1999-2000)


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