The “Animal Collector”

There’s a woman I know who professes to be a diehard animal lover. She has a multitude of birds, 3 dogs, and endless cats. And at one time she even had two rabbits.

The dogs and cats eat somewhat regularly. They get watered occasionally, when the thought manages to enter her brain. The birds are fed and watered sometimes but most often they drop dead from their perches from starvation, disease or trauma. They get their wings torn off from the snatching claws of the feral cats that are allowed to breed at will because this animal lover cannot be bothered to have the cats fixed.

The elderly dog managed to impregnate the female because the animal lover never bothered to check if the male was in fact neutered. Twelve puppies were begotten from that accident and the cats have endless litters of kittens who either die under the house somewhere or grow up and get eaten by coyotes who reside in the field behind the house.

The rabbits were starved and unwatered even during a 116-degree heatwave. It seems she bought the rabbits for her teenager daughter who apparently has not one iota of responsibility in her entire body (and, of course, she’s not required to have any) and well, the kid couldn’t be bothered and the animal lover herself was allergic, so one day she just dumped them very near to the curb of her house and forgot about them. I fed them and watered them as I made my way past the animal lover’s house until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I finally rescued them from their torment.

And I took it upon myself to spend my time and money to take new kitten after new kitten to the vet for fixing. Did this animal lover ever get the message – even when I fed and watered her animals right in front of her own eyes? Of course not. The animals continue to go for days without food, water or consideration.

This woman still professes to be an animal lover. She’s not. She’s just a collector – a woman who collects objects of desire, objects of affection, much as if they were buttons or bows.

It’s not the kind of abuse that the Humane Association could ever really stop because, you see, the animals do get fed, just not with any regularity and of course feral cats eventually learn to hunt mice to save their own skins. And even if I did report the so-called animal lover, she’d just go out and buy some more animals which is precisely what she did after the birds died.

I wonder how many of her animals will die before she finally does! I only know that if this animal lover treated her own daughter the way she does the animals, she’d be arrested and jailed for child abuse.


One response to “The “Animal Collector”

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