U.S. Banking: Time to Send a Message

The big banks have gotten a super big bailout from the U.S. government. This comes after they screwed over the public royally by doubling and even tripling credit card interest rates and ridiculous fees, decreasing or eliminating credit. After you sign on to their original terms, they arbitrarily change them and the bank you began with is no longer the bank holding your card. Does any of this seem fair? Does anyone have oversight over these practices? The government does have something called the Fair Credit Reporting Act but let’s face it – the government is in control of absolutely nothing when it comes to the banking industry.

Time to send a message. Since the public is funding these businesses through the big bailout, I think it should now be US calling the shots. A lot of people are having financial problems and many will default on their credit card payments. It’s going to show up on your credit report no matter how much you try to reason with the banks. I would suggest that people stop paying off their debts and when the debt collectors start calling you tell them to take out your payments from the bailout money they received from YOUR tax dollars — remember, the money you paid when you actually had a job. Then, you can tell them that if they still need more money, they should get it back from the overpaid CFO/CEO fuckers who created this mess in the first place.

I’ve been seeing those Walmart commercials about buying a prepaid Visa card. It seems a good way to go as a backup to carrying cash. Obviously once you tell the banking industry to go fuck themselves you’ll never get credit again, at least not for about 7-10 years, but the way things are going in general, you wouldn’t get it anyway. Are there going to be any jobs left in the United States? The word “depression” is now on everyone’s lips. Scary stuff, indeed.


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