U.S Healthcare, Wellness, Individual Freedoms

If you were to read the March 2009 issue of Life Extension Magazine, published by Life Extension Foundation (lef.org), you would find a fascinating editorial that will knock your socks off when it comes to the inefficiency/ineffectiveness of the FDA and downright corruption perpetrated by the pharmaceutical companies against everyone. What I find astounding and particularly galling is how the U.S. government has been complicit in it all. Greed and ignorance is how Congress operates, it would seem, otherwise how else would you explain Congress actually allowing the pharmaceutical industry to write policy (such as dictating the exorbitant cost of prescription drug purchases that the government’s Medicare program must pay)?

To fix our healthcare system:
1. Get rid of the FDA as it exists today – put alternative medicine specialists in charge and under no circumstances allow the usual special interests groups (pharmaceutical industry lobbyists) anywhere near it.

2. No direct to consumer advertising by pharmaceutical companies. No pharmaceutical company monopolies.

3. No government censorship when it comes to alternative medicine approaches. No jailing people to stop the flow of valuable information. I strongly recommend you view the information at Antiaging Systems and I hope that someone has not hacked that system to destroy the information available there.

4. Stop all attacks against the vitamin/supplement/alternative health industry and when research about a supplement is presented (like the recent Vitamin E scare) make sure it is done by reputable 3rd parties using the correct “natural” supplement that is supported by the vitamin/supplement industry and not some garbage synthetic at reduced dosage (which is precisely what occurred).

5. Revamp the American Medical Association and American Dental Association. They are both stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry.

6. Cancer research and therapies: The Germans have an effective alternative non-invasive therapy involving heating the body. Why don’t we? Why has virtually no one in the United States even heard of it, what about other effective therapies? Because the AMA won’t allow anything that doesn’t make them a ton of money through invasive, non-effective “treatment” protocols that give them and their doctors kickbacks from useless chemotherapy.

7. Health Insurance: Universal care for all legal U.S. citizens. Stop the unfair overpricing by the industry. Make sure wellness programs are covered and the use of vitamins/supplements. Get rid of gender inequality. Promote funding of family planning/birth control instead of Viagra.

8.  Read this fascinating article about Monsanto controlling our food supply and how the FDA and congress has let a giant corporation destroy your health along with farmers’ livelihoods.


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