What’s Up With That Cuban Kid?

Everyday it’s Elian Gonzalez this, Elian Gonzalez that. They find this survivor of a kid clinging to a life raft in the middle of the Atlantic. His irresponsible stupid mother who dragged him away from the safety of his home in Cuba drowns at sea along with a bunch of other people coming to America illegally.

Now this kid has become a pawn in a game of political football in the US courts, with the INS and all the Cuban exiles living in the US.

His father in Cuba wants him back; so do his grandmothers in Cuba. But these political exiles and some far off relatives (a great uncle!) living in Miami think they know better and are trying to get the kid to stay in the US. The INS and the attorney general want him out.

The great uncle hired a battery of attorneys to keep the kid here – because, he says, ‘it’s what the mother would have wanted’. Excuse me, but what about what the father wants? The kid is 6-years old – the mother just risked his life in putting him on that rinky-dink sailboat to cross 90-miles of treacherous ocean. She didn’t strike me as all that responsible. Under other circumstances she’d be convicted of a crime for endangering the life of a minor.

The attorneys want to give the kid a chance to say what he wants in a court of law and make it stick. No doubt he will be duly coached on what he should and shouldn’t say – all to please a bunch of people he doesn’t even know.

Give the kid asylum? Last I heard you had to believe your life was threatened if you returned to your home country. Well in Cuba they’re waiting for him with open arms!

Political game playing, that’s all it is and at one little kid’s expense. It’s a sickening farce.


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