A Message to G-20 Summit

Here are a few points to consider when it comes to solving the global financial crisis now.

1. Restructure Wall Street: no more speculation; no more bonuses. These people get a salary for what they do. Cap salaries.

2. Corporate Greed Factor: cap executive pay and eliminate bonuses. Executives are paid many times over the highest paid worker. They do not need bonuses rewarding them for doing what they should already be doing for what they are paid. And they certainly don’t need to be paid a bonus for taking a company in the wrong direction.

3. Profit Sharing: workers should have a stake in their companies. Committed employees should share in the profits by receiving stock shares. When people feel they are being treated fairly, productivity will increase.

4. Eliminate Lobbyists: our government officials have been beholden to special interest groups for too long to the extent that these groups are the ones actually in control. Cease and desist.

5. Congressional Pay & Perks: what do they do that they deserve to be paid triple or more the average American worker? Often, nothing. And if they are paid that much, why should do they get all those perks (freebies, like free haircuts, cars, etc.)? Your average American worker has to use his own car to get to work and pay for his own haircut, so should they.

6. Population & Environment Control: it is irresponsible to allow the human population to explode and use up all of our natural resources just as it is irresponsible for humans to destroy the environment and cause the extinction of other animal species. Ban toxic chemicals and pesticides. Grow only organic foods. Instigate active family planning programs, education and birth control measures. Adopting these measures will go a long way toward making us a healthier, wealthier nation which in the end will reduce costs related to education, health care, environmental cleanup and much more.


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