Drinking Water Scam

I happen to believe in and follow the advice of many holistic medical practitioners. But the one bit of advice that really irks me is the declaration that I must drink 10-12 or more glasses of water a day. It used to be 8.

The reasoning behind this, they say, is for me to stay hydrated and to be able to flush toxins from my body.

First of all, unless a person drinks absolutely nothing or maybe doesn’t drink enough of any liquid, it’s unlikely they’ll become dehydrated. Coffee, tea and even sodas are all made with water.

As for flushing toxins from our bodies, that’s a farce. Not only is any kind of water available to the public tainted by pesticides, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses, parasites and naturally occurring harmful substances like arsenic, but most filters don’t even eliminate all of these things. This is a case of garbage in, without the “garbage out” part.

And even if a person religiously followed their advice and drank all that water and filtered it properly, you can be assured that when it came time to test them for toxins, their bodies would be rampant with every kind of shit man has created.

Drinking lots of water really doesn’t make the shit come out.  It just makes you pee a lot. Coffee, tea and soda will do that too. For the record, I don’t drink soda. That crap will kill you for other reasons.


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