Healthcare Reform Scam

On June 15th, 2009, President Obama addressed the American Medical Association to garner their support for his health care reform agenda. At one point he was actually booed by this organization that allegedly embraces the Hippocratic Oath (‘first, do no harm’). This is the same organization that bows to the pharmaceutical industry and that tells our nation’s doctors (many of whom are too lazy to research new protocols, anyway) that they absolutely may not reveal alternative medical approaches to healing illnesses and disease.

The AMA was devised as a means to protect the interests of doctors not patients. We already know that the Food and Drug Administration really exists to protect business interests. It too bows to the pharmaceutical industry. Just recently I learned that the FDA plans to ban the natural vitamin B6 nutrient pyridoxamine (which by the way, is found in many foods) not because it’s unsafe, but because a major pharmaceutical company wants to patent it, thereby making it only available as a prescription drug! The FDA has definitively placed the interests of big business over the ability of Americans to purchase a safe and natural supplement.

High on Obama’s list of ways to achieve reform was preventive care. IS HE KIDDING?

The AMA won’t let its members give important nutrition-based, anti-aging or complementary care information to patients. The American Dental Association still forces its members to hide the dangers of mercury and push poisonous fluoride into people’s mouths and down their throats. The FDA is a shill for the pharmaceutical industry and big business in general.

All you have to do is look around at all the non-organic, chemical and pesticide-ridden crap that the FDA says is okay to sell to the public (from the food that’s sold to the cleaners we tend to use to the cosmetics and personal care items we might wear and use) .

The Environmental Protection Agency allows businesses to poison and otherwise harm people, animals and the environment on a daily basis.

You want PREVENTIVE CARE, Mr. President? I suggest that America starts doing business differently and embraces a healthful lifestyle on all fronts. Ban the FDA and all the other pseudo-protective agencies that government has coughed up. We’d do better without them.

Educate Yourself: Links:
Learn more about the importance of Vitamin B6 and the FDA scam.

Check brand name cosmetics and ingredients for safety.


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