Let’s Kick Sarah Palin Around

I will never forgive John McCain for creating this monster. The monster without a brain, I like to call her. Yes, I’m referring to Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor twit who now says she’s quitting office. Why won’t she go gently into that goodnight?

Not only did she prove herself ignorant, stupid and inflammatory during her run for the vice presidency, she’s now proved she can’t be trusted to do what she signed up to do.

I’d like to think we’ve seen the last of her and that maybe she’ll go deeper into the wilds of Alaska and meet up with a nice big grizzly who’ll have her for lunch, but I’m guessing she’ll more likely show up on the talk show circuit and become a female Rush Limbaugh. She’ll take to the airwaves and spew loads of garbage, make lots of money; the media will pretend they’re outraged and report about her on a near daily basis.

The republican heart throb, or rather, heart ache, will then become pregnant with 8 babies simultaneously; she’ll give birth by ceasarian section. When they cut into her enlarged tummy, she’ll go flying around the surgery like a deflated balloon. They will make a reality TV show about her and her witless offspring; pay her even more money and maybe if we’re lucky, one of her stupid kids will shoot her in the head when he’s practicing his hunting skills from a helicopter. Way to go, Sarah!


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