Corruption at the FDA Over Dental Amalgam

Issue:  Amalgam Dental Fillings = Mercury Poisoning.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) website recently removed a warning that it previously reluctantly posted about the toxicity of amalgam dental fillings.  Why?  FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg holds stock in the company (Henry Schein) that makes mercury fillings and she thinks it’s okay that Americans continue to be poisoned by this proved neurotoxin.  The silver fillings placed in people’s mouths are comprised of 50% mercury.

Mercury fillings have been proven to release gases (even during normal food chewing) which travel into people’s bloodstreams and into their brains, damaging myriad organs and systems throughout the body.  Most dentists don’t know how and don’t care to learn how to safely remove the fillings.  People end up swallowing mercury chunks and breathe the fumes during the process.

The American government, the FDA, the American Dental Association (which receives billions of dollars in fees derived from holding the patent to the poison amalgam) all say it’s okay to poison people with this stuff at the same time they warn you not to eat too much fish because they may contain high levels of mercury (tuna is notorious for this).

Regarding FDA Commissioner Hamburg:

1. When Senator Enzi asked Dr. Hamburg a written question about the amalgam rule, why did she not then disclose the stock and say she would be disqualified from participating?
2.  Why, when taking office as Commissioner and still holding stock options, did she not recuse herself from participating in the rule-making right away?
3.   On what date did Margaret Hamburg ALLEGEDLY recuse herself?
4.   Did Margaret Hamburg approve any draft of the rule or approve which staff would draft it?
5.  Since Commissioner Lester Crawford was forced out of office in 2005 for conflict of interest involving stock ownership, why does Commissioner Hamburg believe this situation is different, and why does she believe she should remain in office?
6.  Why is the amalgam rule so incredibly favorable to dental products colossus Henry Schein and so unfavorable to America’s children, giving Schein the right to untrammeled amalgam sales without even a requirement that patients be told of the mercury in amalgam?

The FDA is a sham organization and so is the American Dental Association (ADA).

It is unlikely that health care reform will ever take place in this country as long as special interests rule and keep our legislators in their pockets, bribing them with election donations and gifts or threatening to destroy their re-election efforts if they oppose them.


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