Healthcare and Washington DC, The Land of Fantasy and B.S.

I’m convinced I’m an alien, dropped on planet earth from some far off land, many years ago.  If not that, then perhaps I am from the future, and I’ve come through a worm hole, purpose unknown.  I can think of no other explanation – oh, there is one – that I’m a lot more intelligent than the so-called “intelligent life” that thrive in our nation’s capital, specifically our legislators.

As I’ve listened to the health care reform debate drone on over the past number of months, I realized without a shadow of a doubt that there is no hope for the masses.  Our politicians live in a fantasy land; they may easily have slipped down the rabbit hole along with Alice.  And they’re never coming back up.

If they’re not as stupid as they pretend to be, then it must just be a matter of greed and complacency.  They obviously know nothing about how many people live, never having walked in their shoes.  I’m not talking about the upper middle class or people lucky enough have to have flexible positive flow incomes.  I’m talking about those who are unemployed or self-employed or retired who have extremely limited and static funds.  There is NOTHING left over for anything.

So, how can any legislator think that a person living on such a fixed income is going to magically be able to afford health insurance at any price?  Where is the money going to come from?  They still expect people to pay for what they’re calling a public option health insurance. These D.C. morons just don’t seem to understand this very simple basic principle.  They keep yacking on about public option or private insurance from employers or personal insurance that someone with money can afford to buy.

Advice to politicians:  Stop the yacking, pull your heads out of your asses, climb out of the rabbit hole and get real.  Once and for all do the right thing.

Also check out our Health Care Reform and Individual Freedoms report.


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