Global Climate Change and the Blight Called Man

The Global Climate Change conference in Copenhagen notwithstanding, man is but a blight on the planet.

I have traveled extensively through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and from my experiences, there is not a desert, road, highway, path, mountain that has not been polluted with man’s trash, from paper cups to beer bottles to broken glass, used tires, nails, bottle caps, cellophane, cigarette butts, cupcake wrappers, soda cans … and of course I can go on an on.  Man pretty much destroys everything in his path.  Even the space above our planet is riddled with trashed satellites and other debris.  We’ve polluted the moon!

Climate change?  Of course we are responsible for that too, just as we’ve decimated valuable species, both animal and plant.  We, of course, do this at our own expense.  The Amazon rain forest is host to varieties of plants that could up curing cancer (some say the plants already do) or any other kind of ailment plaguing man.  Yet, what do we do, we chop down the trees!

As I watched the news stories about the climate change conference in Denmark, I felt pity for our planet.  It seems nothing has changed.  The Chinese are still trying to palm themselves off as a developing nation when, in effect, they own the world, cornering all the oil, manufacturing everything under the sun and making alliances with every bad guy regime out there.  India controls telemarketing and telecommunications.  We should feel sorry for them and let them continue to pollute?  I don’t think so.

We are all responsible for saving our planet and until people/nations realize that, we’re doomed. (KS)  Also check out the usaviews overpopulation story.


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