Airport Security: Please Get it Right

So here we go again, making the entire flying public dance to the tune of airplane terrorists who manage to come up with one crazy scheme after another to blow up planes and nearly get away with it.  I’m pretty sure if I were on that flight and saw the terrorist in action I would have pummeled him to death right where he sat, except I would have moved out of danger from the flames, of course.  Luckily for me, most of my traveling is done in the semi-comfort of my car.

What is particularly irksome is the invasive proceedings everyone has to put up with, on top of the delays, missed flights, missed business meetings, missed vacation bookings and on and on.

Not a single TV news report that I’ve seen has discussed the radiation exposure through those totally obscene body scans that reveal people’s genitals.  It goes beyond obscene, because people in government think this is just dandy.

The public is already exposed to myriad germs by being forced to walk around without their shoes on.  The airports were originally supposed to supply little throwaway booties.  They don’t and they don’t care about people’s health because they’ve become bullies in a long line of bully legislation.

I find it unfathomable that no scientist can come up with a noninvasive throughly safe procedure to scan for weapons and toxins.  It’s 2010 for Christ sake, when do we start acting like we know what we’re doing about anything?  Do I have the answers?  Hell no. But surely there are people somewhere who can figure out at some of these things.

I’m all for profiling, especially after seeing one old woman being forced to stand out of her wheelchair and submit to body pats.  And I do say this somewhat facetiously, but maybe we should think about not allowing anyone from terrorist countries from being able to come to our country.  Oh, you’re Nigerian, sorry.  Of, you’re from Saudi Arabia, sorry – unless you’re coming here to give everyone a million dollars of your oil money or free gasoline for life.

TSA, FAA, Homeland Security … all of you, come up with something better.  And use some common sense while you’re at it.  If you’re going to continually irradiate people, at least have the courtesy of giving them free health care.  Oh I forgot, you guys in government can’t seem to get that going either.  And there aren’t even any terrorists involved with that!  I think I’m with the ACLU on this issue.  Please, get it right. (KS, San Francisco)


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