Toyota Meltdown

Toyota has been placing full sized ads in newspapers trying to assure everyone that they are doing all they can to correct the problems with their cars.  It’s now believed that 56 people have died due to Toyota safety issues.

And of course the question remains, what did they know and when did they know it.  As it stands now, it’s pretty certain that the company knew it had safety issues in Europe a full year before they disclosed the information to their American division.  That means there was either a cover-up or we’re supposed to believe that Toyota executives are completely incompetent in relaying information throughout their various divisions.

We’ve all been wondering how long it’s going to take before people’s memories fade and they jump on board the Toyota bandwagon again.  I asked my acquaintance in Oakland who had bad dealings with Toyota’s finance department whether he’d be tempted to buy another car from the company and he said “no way”.

I’d like to believe that the bad taste of owning a Toyota will stay a long time.  But the minute the company starts seducing buyers by dropping prices, people will most likely buy the cars no matter what the safety issues are. (KS, San Francisco)


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