Health Care Reform Merry-Go-Round

Could the health care reform debate in D.C. get anymore convoluted, downright stupid and frankly, obscene than it already is?  We doubt it.

President Obama has acknowledged the truth about how Congress and federal employees have the absolute best health care benefits and options in the country.  And, he says, it would be nice if all the citizens had the same.

WHO does he think is paying for all those great benefits that he, Congress and other federal employees get?  WE DO — the public, through our tax dollars!

So the question must be asked WHY then doesn’t EVERYONE get the same great benefits and options?

Our government is composed of greedy pig lawmakers who make laws favorable to themselves and screw over everyone else.   Obama has so much admitted this.  Yet not one single news report has pointed this out which leads us to believe that the entire news world is so entwined with the minutia of this pathetic debate that they cannot for the life of them see the “forest for the trees”.

The obvious and simple answer, of course (at least to some), is that our government simply can’t afford to pay for everyone. Then we say equality to ALL.  Congress and federal employees should get the same obscenely high cost crap that the majority of Americans are forced to accept AND a large percentage of them should get NO insurance in keeping with what a huge number of people must contend with.


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