Health Care Reform Bill Sucks

The bill passed by congress is fairly useless.  There is really only one kind of health care reform that should have been passed and that is UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE!   We need to put the concepts of “health” and “care” back into the equation.  Right now all we got is very minor insurance company reform.

1.  Insurance companies are only in it for profit.  They just want you to pay into the system and then deny you coverage when you actually try to use your insurance.

2.  No current system actually respects or rewards staying healthy.  If they did, then you’d be able to deduct vitamins and supplements as the cost of staying healthy from your taxes or insurance companies would pay for these items.

3.  Control the population and you will control costs.

4.  Illegal immigrants should be treated as necessary but a bill for the cost of the service should be sent to the originating country.  Ideally, anyone in the country illegally should be instantly deported and cared for in their homeland.  The United States should not have to pay for the entire world and anyone who does not see that is deeply delusional.

5.  Our government needs to step up to the plate, so to speak, and stop rewarding companies that make garbage food products with tax breaks and contracts.  If we can have mega companies making trash then we can have these same companies producing quality and truly organic foods for the masses.

6.  Individuals need to wake up and start making healthier choices.  They would be helped in this regard if the big food companies didn’t think it was okay to feed us low-nutrient, high-fat, high-sugar, pesticide/hormone/antibiotic-laden CRAP.

7.  The government is downright ignorant when it comes to pasteurization of dairy products.  RAW MILK is very safe and highly nutritious and boosts immunity.  RAW nuts should be allowed to be just that — RAW, not pasteurized which destroys nutrients.  Our government is a knee-jerk organization without any common sense whatsoever.  Any well educated complementary/alternative medicine practitioner knows the truth about these quality foods.


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