Catholic Church and the Pope

Special to USA Views by Cecelia Kraveo

What is it about the world media and its obsession with the selection of a new Pope?  Is it really going to make a difference in changing the backward thinking of this religious organization with its elitist, hypocritical views?

With the rampant sex abuse scandals, how can any Catholic continue to support this pathetic organization?  How do Catholics justify the rampant conspicuous wealth on display at the Vatican?  Whatever happened to the vow of poverty?  How do the Pope, cardinals and bishops justify it?

Overpopulation.  Another issue the Catholic Church ignores.  Dump all the unwanted sick, dying children on the steps of the Vatican.  Let the Catholic Church pay for their care and upkeep.  When poor people who can’t afford to care for their children keep producing them because of the urging of the Catholic church, it’s an abomination.

Catholics, please think!  The rest of the world should shun this religion.


One response to “Catholic Church and the Pope

  1. The Catholic Church should be ashamed and the Vatican shut down. I find it astounding that any catholic continues following the church. I understand that people want to maintain their FAITH and that’s okay, but follow the church itself? Shameful.

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