“Want justice? Report any scam, fraud, complaint or review on any type of company, individual, service or product… Consumers educating consumers”.  

That’s how founder-owner Ed Magedson promotes his company RipOffReport  on the internet.  There you’ll be free to your heart’s delight to complain about anybody.  Why it could be a big badass company that deserves your wrath for the way it’s ripping off thousands of consumers like you …OR …it could be your next door neighbor who you’ve had a beef with.  All you have to do is write a scathing report, true or false-it doesn’t matter, and with the click of a button, it’s published on the internet from now until bloody doomsday.

That’s the way Ed Magedson  likes it.  He takes no responsibility and doesn’t have to since he’s just a third-party publisher just like the Google owned YouTube where you can post sick defamatory content and they won’t take that down either.  Here’s what wikipedia says: “The Ripoff Report website claims that its stated policy is to refuse to remove reports. Ripoff Report states that it does not allow authors to remove their own reports, even in cases where a mistake has been made.[2]  Furthermore, the site states it will generally not remove reports in response to legal demands from attorneys.”  That’s really interesting that the authors of the reports can’t remove their own content.  Wikipedia goes on to say: “Many companies and individuals have sued Ripoff Report.[18] [needs update] Ripoff Report has also sued many commentators that have been critical of it.[citation needed]”  (you can view the entry here:  Oh, oh, what’s the matter Ed, can’t take your own medicine?

If RipOffReport allowed posts only against large corporations that resort to scams and routinely harm individuals  – like the scamming phone or insurance companies – then that would be acceptable.  Most people would welcome the opportunity to publicly complain about these types of companies especially since the FTC and Attorney Generals’ offices usually won’t bother responding to complaints.  But that isn’t good enough for Ed Magedson.  No, he has to allow your average individual to be defamed across the internet for whatever crazy reason and make it so that no one, under any circumstances, can get the shit removed.  That says a lot about Ed.  And sadly, there are other internet scumbag scam reporting companies and websites that do the same thing.  You can put something up but you can’t take it down.  Ed Magedson also brags that RipOffReport has a whole bunch of other affiliated websites available to spread his company’s shit-ass “reports”. Perhaps you’ve seen them.  Websites with strange names – they will pick up a particular report that’s been filed and run it to death so that the injured party is forever bloodied.   A person’s reputation can’t be repaired and the reports will never be removed.    Did the person deserve it?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But is it really appropriate to have privately feuding assholes display their disputes on the internet and then have their rants go rogue thanks to Ed Magedson’s despicable RipOffReport.

Mr. Magedson’s response has always been that the reports must be preserved for history that’s why he won’t remove them.   So if you make a mistake or acted in the heat of the moment, too bad.  On Ed’s RipOffReport the belief is that “Love is never having to say you’re sorry”.  Apparently it’s the same thing with HATE.

We as a society recognize Hate Crimes.  It’s a shame Ed Magedson can’t or won’t recognize the harm his refusal to remove defamatory posts can do.  And he simply gets away with because he’s just a third-party publisher (per Communications decency Act 230 Immunity) who doesn’t have to take any responsibility so he won’t.

EVEN IF you want to defend RipOffReport’s rights,why doesn’t Ed Magedson allow the author of a report to remove the content if they’re the one putting it up in the first place?  It is malicious in his intent to keep up reports that serve no purpose if they are between individuals and not mega corporations.

Bottom line:  RipOffReport is a means to scam, defraud, defame on a grand scale.   The website has been online since December 1998 fucking people over right and left.  It’s operated under the guise of Ed Magedson’s Xcentric Ventures, LLC allegedly based in Tempe, Arizona.

MUST SEE: Video: EXPOSED: & Why It Appears Page 1 of Google


3 responses to “The COLOSSAL SCAM that is RIPOFFREPORT.COM

  1. One of the ripoff report boycott cofounders has launched a new tool to delete ripoff report from the first page of Google search results. Victims of ripoff report are invited to try for themselves here:
    Profits from this project help support the ripoff report boycott and legal defense fund

  2. Boycott Ed Magedson’s RipOffReport — CHECK OUT

  3. is dedicated to exposing corrupt or unethical journalists and editors in the mainstream media, who engage in “media manipulation”. This malfeasance is often motivated by the prospect of financial gain through increased advertising revenue, due to the number of “page views” their sensational articles receive, or in more pernicious examples, due to “payoffs” by special-interest groups or corporate bribes.

    Alternatively, inaccurate attack pieces published by some journalists is simply a result of their inability to find any truth that is worth writing about. In order to keep their jobs, or to satisfy their own egos, they will often resort to turning fiction into fact to sell newspapers. Often at the expense of innocent people with clean hands. Controversy sells newspapers, controversy generates “page views” on websites.

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