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This site is under new management but we are not removing the old posts. 
Some of those earlier postings were made at the original website starting in 1999 which were transferred over to this new site, so if things seem a bit out of date, you’ll know why.  Occasionally, we go offline for lengthy periods and apologies for that.

Past Advisory:  After a long hiatus for various reasons, USA Views is back online. Lots of news and opportunity for online commentary has passed us by, events like the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, an abomination of Islamic fanaticism which has continued unabated through the years around the world. We’ll stop about that subject for the moment.

The Bush administration ran us into the ground ethically, financially, morally and with regard to our status as a world leader. Eminent Domain – the Supreme Court ruled that government can steal your property, because that’s what it really amounts to, then sell it off to a private entity for profit. We knew the Republicans always boosted big business; we now know the Supreme Court is also in their pockets. Republicans, Democrats, the Food and Drug Administration, idiots all of them.

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