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A World of Responsibility

The world is complex for sure: unrest, war, starvation, drought, overpopulation, climate crises, religious extremism.  And what is the world in whole or in part doing about any of it?  Piecemeal actions which ressolve nothing.

People and nations must take responsibility individually and en masse.

AFRICA:  This continent for the most part is happily still living in the 19th century with its massive corruption and dictators.  It is over populated on drought stricken land that cannot support its people.  Religion and cultural norms dictate that women are genitally mutilated; no access to contraception; rampant poaching of animals for the benefit or profit and to fill the bellies of backward Asians who believe rhino horn is going to make them virile, as just one example.  And now Ebola in West Africa where the uneducated population makes the situation dire beyond belief.  Really, what has Africa done to resolve its own problems in all these years?  Absolutely nothing or very little indeed.  And so should the west help more?  Only insofar to maintain strict quarantine and no travel into or out of the affected regions.  As for poachers, they should be eviscerated!

USA:  Get your own house in order first and foremost.  Racial disharmony abounds; aids and abets rampant illegal immigration while at the same time there is homelessness, income inequality of unprecedented proportions, lack of universal healthcare, Wall Street and corporate abuses and takeover of the country and a government and Supreme Court that permits it; religious extremism; endless wars on other nations sucking our economy dry; government corruption with little in the way of prosecution; constantly supplying foreign aid to other nations that don’t really need it (such as oil rich nations) while claiming there are no funds for social programs at home; disrespect and nonsupport of military veterans; environmental pollution and wildlife decimation all in the name of profit; supporting disreputable countries like China and allowing it and other foreign entitles to take control of the U.S.

MIDEAST:  Crazed religious extremism, corruption, rampant abuses against women and female children, human rights abuses, regional turmoil and the unwillingness to negotiate and resolve issues.  Why should the rest of the world care to help when the countries in the region support and fund terrorism and genocide and happily hide their heads in the sand about everything?

EUROPE:  Take a stand.  It wanted a unified Europe yet all that’s done is allow unmonitored travel between nations which leads to illegal and unrestricted immigration into countries that no longer have their own identities and which supports terrorism; lets Russia get away with invasion of a sovereign nation.  Europe has enough money to support itself and yet it expects the U.S. to do its dirty work on the war front and with respect to regional security.

CHINA:  The world’s thief.  Rampant corruption, piracy of the world’s intellectual, security and other resources; militarism, human rights abuses; polluter extraordinaire-air, water, land; nonstop fraud, selling toxic products to the rest of the world; lack of hygiene and control over pandemics-avian flu; world takeover of other nation’s real estate, resources and corporations.

VATICAN:  This religious “nation” forces overpopulation by disallowing contraception and abortion on people who cannot afford to support more children throughout the world.   All the unwanted children should be sent to the Vatican where they must remain fed, housed, clothed and educated until they are 21.  The Vatican certainly has the wealth to do it.

Africa and the Middle East need to move into the 21st century.  The USA needs to stop playing policeman to the world and instead support its own people.  Europe needs to keep its regional individuality while stopping the spread of terrorism through its borders and maintain its own security.  China needs to clean up its act on every front before the world will have anything to do with it.

And finally, the world should wash its hands of the Middle East and let the region self destruct in endless wars between religious extremists of one side against the other.  It is such a sickening display of dictatorships and atrocities that appear to be condoned through the actions and inactions of the countries in that part of the world.  Solution: quarantine, sanctions until it implodes from its own horror, weight and stupidity.  The same could be said about Africa.  China should have to fend for itself.  Why is the world actually supporting China’s takeover of the rest of the world?


Global Climate Change and the Blight Called Man

The Global Climate Change conference in Copenhagen notwithstanding, man is but a blight on the planet.

I have traveled extensively through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and from my experiences, there is not a desert, road, highway, path, mountain that has not been polluted with man’s trash, from paper cups to beer bottles to broken glass, used tires, nails, bottle caps, cellophane, cigarette butts, cupcake wrappers, soda cans … and of course I can go on an on.  Man pretty much destroys everything in his path.  Even the space above our planet is riddled with trashed satellites and other debris.  We’ve polluted the moon!

Climate change?  Of course we are responsible for that too, just as we’ve decimated valuable species, both animal and plant.  We, of course, do this at our own expense.  The Amazon rain forest is host to varieties of plants that could up curing cancer (some say the plants already do) or any other kind of ailment plaguing man.  Yet, what do we do, we chop down the trees!

As I watched the news stories about the climate change conference in Denmark, I felt pity for our planet.  It seems nothing has changed.  The Chinese are still trying to palm themselves off as a developing nation when, in effect, they own the world, cornering all the oil, manufacturing everything under the sun and making alliances with every bad guy regime out there.  India controls telemarketing and telecommunications.  We should feel sorry for them and let them continue to pollute?  I don’t think so.

We are all responsible for saving our planet and until people/nations realize that, we’re doomed. (KS)  Also check out the usaviews overpopulation story.

China: Take Our Secrets Please!

Last week the Senate heard testimony and this week a House special investigative committee will issue a report that essentially states that during the last 20 years, China acquired numerous nuclear warhead designs and other military secrets and that China continues to maintain an aggressive spying operation. Additionally, China has as many as 3,000 front companies, especially on the West Coast and in Massachusetts to help it obtain satellite and other civilian technology that would ordinarily be off limits to it. Chinese nationals living here operate the front companies which include large corporations and small non-profit groups.

Other points: The Clinton administration did not comply with the National Security Act requiring regular reporting to Intelligence committees and the leadership in House and Senate. Janet Reno did not act quickly when it came to her attention back in 1995 that there was espionage going on at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. The Justice Department did not respond to requests from the FBI to examine the office of suspected spy Wen Go Lee, a scientist at Los Alamos. Even though Lee was under investigation for over three years, it wasn’t until this past March that he was fired. It should be noted that Lee has not yet been charged with any crime. And reports sent to the Justice Department about Lee turned up missing. U.S. export licensing laws and regulations were violated. U.S. companies hired Chinese sentries or security companies to guard U.S. satellites. But the guards were often found asleep, drunk or taking souvenir photos.

Notra Trulock, Deputy Director of Intelligence at the Energy Department called the theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos “on a parallel with the Manhattan Project compromises” of the 1940’s. Trulock said he told Clinton administration officials back in 1995 that there was espionage going on at Los Alamos, after three scientists from there confided in him with their suspicions.

Everybody agrees that security at Los Alamos was breached, only the extent of it is being debated.

Is National security in this country some kind of joke? Bungling and buffoonery seem to be accepted practices. Clinton gives the Chinese Premier first class treatment on a visit to the U.S. I’d be surprised if Clinton didn’t let him sit at the Presidential desk in the Oval Office just to see how it feels to run the whole shebang. Clinton’s already given away the farm.

Last week, it was reported that Clinton gave the CIA the okay to “secretly” train the Kosovo rebels in Yugoslavia. Not much of a secret now that Milosevic and the entire world know.

American officials overseas are usually on a very tight rein. But in this country, not only do we hold the door open for them but we give them the red carpet treatment right into the vault.

And what China didn’t steal outright, we probably sold to them to keep open the trade route. It doesn’t seem to bother our government how much high-tech equipment it sells to China or any Mid East countries that have already proven to be our enemy, just as long as it brings us a fast buck. Then the U.S. will be sitting around wondering why we’re being obliterated by our own technology or undersold in the marketplace. We gave it to them, you nitwits!

China accumulates nuclear secrets as if they were jelly beans. But try to get a copy of your ‘secret’ file like former AP bureau chief Terry Anderson did after being held captive in Beirut all those years and suddenly everything’s classified. Last I heard, the poor man’s still trying.

I just don’t happen to agree with those who think the China Spying Issue is much ado about nothing. It’s not that I’m surprised that the Chinese have been spying, it’s that they’ve been so successful at it, thanks to administrative bungling and lax sales policies. Common sense is not a concept that this government recognizes. It never did and never will.

1. I don’t care if China researches our technology in Popular Mechanics, Jane’s or Glamour Magazine – our government is incapable of maintaining safeguards of tech sales by U.S. companies. I hear about this stuff all the time and all they (the companies) get is a slap on the wrist and continue on their merry way to do it over and over again – all for a fast buck.
2. There shouldn’t be ANY breaches of security in any TOP-Secret lab.
3. Lost Justice Dept. reports on a suspected spy? Infighting between Justice and FBI? Bureaucratic incompetence.
4. Livermore Lab scientist Peter Lee admitted last year he passed on classified info. Security Incompetence
5. I do not believe it is in the interest of this country to sell our enemies any technology that would help them in a military sense and that includes high-performance computers. If China is so great then let it figure things out itself.
6. The anti-U.S. propaganda after the accidental embassy bombing shows just how much that government really likes us. To hell with them.

Original post May 24, 1999