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Ban Toxic Chinese Food Imports

What is it about the our government and the almighty dollar that trumps everything else on the planet?

A new report finds that a fifth of all Chinese farmland is contaminated with toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium and nickel.  It’s bad enough that the Chinese are forced to eat their toxins, but why on earth should we?  All those heavy metals are created from the heavy industrial pollution clouding the entire country.

A large percentage of foods in the U.S. supermarkets and restaurants come from China especially canned and frozen produce.  More and more pet foods are coming in to the United States (presumably elsewhere too) and they’re just as tainted.

Heavy metals accumulate in the human body and that of your pets.  They build up in your most vital organs and arteries and can cross the blood-brain barrier.  So why on earth is our government allowing this dangerous crap into our country?  So our government can finagle deals to get American products into the vast marketplace of China.

Our government is selling us all down the river.

Smithfield is America’s largest pork producer.  The company was recently purchased by Shuanghui International, a Chinese company that processes meats from their own disgusting factory farms, meats which are infested with bugs and drugs, maggots and bacteria and steroids.

The U.S. government wants to put a law into effect that will allow chickens raised and slaughtered here to be exported to China where they will then be treated and processed and shipped back to the U.S.  One wonders how many other countries are being targeted by the Chinese for such special handling!

Most of what is imported into this country isn’t even inspected.  How could it be when the FDA and USDA barely inspect our own farms and plants?  Our government simply doesn’t care when the almighty dollar is at stake.

TAKE ACTION NOW.   Don’t buy Chinese human and pet food.  READ labels carefully.  Write to Congress and the White House.

Another thing to consider – WHY are we supporting the Chinese by buying their hazardous junk that has sickened us and even killed our pets in the past?  China’s such a big country – let it fend for itself and then maybe they’ll consider controlling their environmental pollution, assuming they don’t all die before then.