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A World of Responsibility

The world is complex for sure: unrest, war, starvation, drought, overpopulation, climate crises, religious extremism.  And what is the world in whole or in part doing about any of it?  Piecemeal actions which ressolve nothing.

People and nations must take responsibility individually and en masse.

AFRICA:  This continent for the most part is happily still living in the 19th century with its massive corruption and dictators.  It is over populated on drought stricken land that cannot support its people.  Religion and cultural norms dictate that women are genitally mutilated; no access to contraception; rampant poaching of animals for the benefit or profit and to fill the bellies of backward Asians who believe rhino horn is going to make them virile, as just one example.  And now Ebola in West Africa where the uneducated population makes the situation dire beyond belief.  Really, what has Africa done to resolve its own problems in all these years?  Absolutely nothing or very little indeed.  And so should the west help more?  Only insofar to maintain strict quarantine and no travel into or out of the affected regions.  As for poachers, they should be eviscerated!

USA:  Get your own house in order first and foremost.  Racial disharmony abounds; aids and abets rampant illegal immigration while at the same time there is homelessness, income inequality of unprecedented proportions, lack of universal healthcare, Wall Street and corporate abuses and takeover of the country and a government and Supreme Court that permits it; religious extremism; endless wars on other nations sucking our economy dry; government corruption with little in the way of prosecution; constantly supplying foreign aid to other nations that don’t really need it (such as oil rich nations) while claiming there are no funds for social programs at home; disrespect and nonsupport of military veterans; environmental pollution and wildlife decimation all in the name of profit; supporting disreputable countries like China and allowing it and other foreign entitles to take control of the U.S.

MIDEAST:  Crazed religious extremism, corruption, rampant abuses against women and female children, human rights abuses, regional turmoil and the unwillingness to negotiate and resolve issues.  Why should the rest of the world care to help when the countries in the region support and fund terrorism and genocide and happily hide their heads in the sand about everything?

EUROPE:  Take a stand.  It wanted a unified Europe yet all that’s done is allow unmonitored travel between nations which leads to illegal and unrestricted immigration into countries that no longer have their own identities and which supports terrorism; lets Russia get away with invasion of a sovereign nation.  Europe has enough money to support itself and yet it expects the U.S. to do its dirty work on the war front and with respect to regional security.

CHINA:  The world’s thief.  Rampant corruption, piracy of the world’s intellectual, security and other resources; militarism, human rights abuses; polluter extraordinaire-air, water, land; nonstop fraud, selling toxic products to the rest of the world; lack of hygiene and control over pandemics-avian flu; world takeover of other nation’s real estate, resources and corporations.

VATICAN:  This religious “nation” forces overpopulation by disallowing contraception and abortion on people who cannot afford to support more children throughout the world.   All the unwanted children should be sent to the Vatican where they must remain fed, housed, clothed and educated until they are 21.  The Vatican certainly has the wealth to do it.

Africa and the Middle East need to move into the 21st century.  The USA needs to stop playing policeman to the world and instead support its own people.  Europe needs to keep its regional individuality while stopping the spread of terrorism through its borders and maintain its own security.  China needs to clean up its act on every front before the world will have anything to do with it.

And finally, the world should wash its hands of the Middle East and let the region self destruct in endless wars between religious extremists of one side against the other.  It is such a sickening display of dictatorships and atrocities that appear to be condoned through the actions and inactions of the countries in that part of the world.  Solution: quarantine, sanctions until it implodes from its own horror, weight and stupidity.  The same could be said about Africa.  China should have to fend for itself.  Why is the world actually supporting China’s takeover of the rest of the world?



For too long we have been too complacent about  the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress  could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they specifically  exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being  exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment, or being allowed to engage in insider trading) while ordinary  citizens must live under those laws.  Remember the recent government shutdown?  Government employees weren’t paid among many others.  But congressmen not only got paid on time, they enjoyed myriad benefits like being able to continue exercising in their own gym.  It’s not as if their gym was a necessary government expenditure at the same time everyone else was having their lives turned upside down and being forced underwater from no paychecks to pay their mortgages or anything else.  It was a disgraceful display of FRAUD on the American people and those pigs are still in office, feeding at the public trough!

The latest is to exempt themselves from  the Healthcare Reform that passed … in all of its forms. Somehow, that  doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever.  The  self-serving must stop.


A 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the  United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or  Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators  and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the  United States .”

Those in favor of such a law — please leave your comments.  Are you  fed up yet or what?  The only way Congress is going to act ethically is to have a law that forces them to.  Unfortunately, they’re the ones making the laws.  That, in itself, is a massive conflict of interest.  That’s why the proposed 28th amendment will never pass and that’s sad and wrong.

Health Care Reform Merry-Go-Round

Could the health care reform debate in D.C. get anymore convoluted, downright stupid and frankly, obscene than it already is?  We doubt it.

President Obama has acknowledged the truth about how Congress and federal employees have the absolute best health care benefits and options in the country.  And, he says, it would be nice if all the citizens had the same.

WHO does he think is paying for all those great benefits that he, Congress and other federal employees get?  WE DO — the public, through our tax dollars!

So the question must be asked WHY then doesn’t EVERYONE get the same great benefits and options?

Our government is composed of greedy pig lawmakers who make laws favorable to themselves and screw over everyone else.   Obama has so much admitted this.  Yet not one single news report has pointed this out which leads us to believe that the entire news world is so entwined with the minutia of this pathetic debate that they cannot for the life of them see the “forest for the trees”.

The obvious and simple answer, of course (at least to some), is that our government simply can’t afford to pay for everyone. Then we say equality to ALL.  Congress and federal employees should get the same obscenely high cost crap that the majority of Americans are forced to accept AND a large percentage of them should get NO insurance in keeping with what a huge number of people must contend with.

U.S. Government: All Bull, No Balls

It is with great relief that we reach the first day of the new year with our minds and hearts intact, at least to some extent.  2009 was a shit of a year thanks to the banks, wall street, the big pharmaceutical and medical insurance companies and giant agricultural-businesses like Monsanto.

We foolishly believed that with Obama in the White House, the U.S. government would magically grow some balls to protect the lower and middle classes against the barons of industry who rule the world.  Not so.  Obama got in and caved in, instantly, and with the same zeal as those who came before him.  Congress didn’t help.  It never does.

Monsanto goons control our food supply and are willing to destroy the environment, people’s health and the livelihoods of small farmers everywhere, all for the sake of huge profits and their comfy lifestyles as they shove thousands of pesticides and genetically modified foods our way.

Health care reform was a joke.  Medical insurers and pharmaceutical giants won out over common sense and humanity.  The US deliberately pays the highest prices for drugs, most of which are unnecessary, don’t work or worse, kill.  Why?  Obviously to reward the pharmaceutical companies for getting many of our officials elected AND because the industry spends the most amount of money to bribe our officials into making obscene legislation in their favor.  Same with Monsanto.  With former Monsanto executives now heading up government offices and making all the decisions without oversight, what hope do we have?

And finally we must bow to the banks and Wall Street for tossing everyone they could get their hands on out into the streets and out of their homes via mortgage meltdown/evictions, a problem THEY created, causing more homelessness than we’ve seen since “the Great Depression”.  Our legislators do love using that depression phrase.  It makes it seem as if they weren’t in control of anything and that it’s merely been a huge vortex of strange events that bombarded us throughout the year.   Give those scum another huge bonus.   Earning millions of dollars a year apparently is still not enough!  But will the government initiate oversight of this industry?  Nah!  Besides, it’s too late.

Which leads us to credit card interest rates and the rush by the banks to screw everyone over again before the measly rules Washington did enact take effect in February and August 2010.  One credit card, Premier Bank, was offering a card worth $250 of credit.  You had to pay upfront fees of $256 to acquire it and pay 79.9% interest.    Can you say USURY?  For those not familiar with the term, it means the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.  Many other credit card companies increased their rates to 30% and Obama said boo-hoo.  Then all the legislators wrung their hands in dismay and said “what shall we do?” and then proceeded to do nothing.  The new rules soon to take effect are so watered down and convoluted they’re absolutely worth nothing.  And the banks win again!

And to the automakers who stood hat in hand begging for money, we say bah, humbug, you assholes should have been paying attention to the environment instead of continuing to build your crappy cars.

Will we thrive in 2010?  Will we even survive?  How many more people will be living under freeways or in tent cities while the rich have money to burn?

Global Climate Change and the Blight Called Man

The Global Climate Change conference in Copenhagen notwithstanding, man is but a blight on the planet.

I have traveled extensively through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and from my experiences, there is not a desert, road, highway, path, mountain that has not been polluted with man’s trash, from paper cups to beer bottles to broken glass, used tires, nails, bottle caps, cellophane, cigarette butts, cupcake wrappers, soda cans … and of course I can go on an on.  Man pretty much destroys everything in his path.  Even the space above our planet is riddled with trashed satellites and other debris.  We’ve polluted the moon!

Climate change?  Of course we are responsible for that too, just as we’ve decimated valuable species, both animal and plant.  We, of course, do this at our own expense.  The Amazon rain forest is host to varieties of plants that could up curing cancer (some say the plants already do) or any other kind of ailment plaguing man.  Yet, what do we do, we chop down the trees!

As I watched the news stories about the climate change conference in Denmark, I felt pity for our planet.  It seems nothing has changed.  The Chinese are still trying to palm themselves off as a developing nation when, in effect, they own the world, cornering all the oil, manufacturing everything under the sun and making alliances with every bad guy regime out there.  India controls telemarketing and telecommunications.  We should feel sorry for them and let them continue to pollute?  I don’t think so.

We are all responsible for saving our planet and until people/nations realize that, we’re doomed. (KS)  Also check out the usaviews overpopulation story.

Healthcare and Washington DC, The Land of Fantasy and B.S.

I’m convinced I’m an alien, dropped on planet earth from some far off land, many years ago.  If not that, then perhaps I am from the future, and I’ve come through a worm hole, purpose unknown.  I can think of no other explanation – oh, there is one – that I’m a lot more intelligent than the so-called “intelligent life” that thrive in our nation’s capital, specifically our legislators.

As I’ve listened to the health care reform debate drone on over the past number of months, I realized without a shadow of a doubt that there is no hope for the masses.  Our politicians live in a fantasy land; they may easily have slipped down the rabbit hole along with Alice.  And they’re never coming back up.

If they’re not as stupid as they pretend to be, then it must just be a matter of greed and complacency.  They obviously know nothing about how many people live, never having walked in their shoes.  I’m not talking about the upper middle class or people lucky enough have to have flexible positive flow incomes.  I’m talking about those who are unemployed or self-employed or retired who have extremely limited and static funds.  There is NOTHING left over for anything.

So, how can any legislator think that a person living on such a fixed income is going to magically be able to afford health insurance at any price?  Where is the money going to come from?  They still expect people to pay for what they’re calling a public option health insurance. These D.C. morons just don’t seem to understand this very simple basic principle.  They keep yacking on about public option or private insurance from employers or personal insurance that someone with money can afford to buy.

Advice to politicians:  Stop the yacking, pull your heads out of your asses, climb out of the rabbit hole and get real.  Once and for all do the right thing.

Also check out our Health Care Reform and Individual Freedoms report.

Monsanto Goon and the US Food Supply: Update

The following is an update report from Organic Consumer Association about how Agribusiness giant MONSANTO taints the American food supply by infiltrating our government.

President Obama has again broken his campaign promise to keep corporate lobbyists out of his administration by appointing yet another Monsanto cheerleader and pesticide lobbyist to a prominent position.

President Obama has named Islam Siddiqui to represent U.S. agricultural trade interests. Siddiqui is the current Vice-President for Science and Regulatory Affairs with CropLife America, a pesticide and biotechnology trade group known for aggressively pushing the agenda of agribusinesses, including Monsanto, Syngenta, Cargill and Dow. During Siddiqui’s term alone, CropLife has been a driving force undermining U.S. compliance with international agreements ranging from the Montreal Protocol on ozone-depleting chemicals to the Stockholm Convention, an effort to regulate the use of toxins, including DDT, PCBs and dioxins. Siddiqui’s group also publicly criticized and ridiculed Michele Obama for planting a pesticide-free organic garden at the White House.

Siddiqui first caught the Organic Consumers Association’s attention during the Clinton administration when he worked at USDA on the implementation of national organic standards. He was vocal in calling for nuclear irradiation, sewage sludge, and GMOs to be allowed in organic production. After a long campaign led by the OCA and our allies, Siddiqui and the USDA backed down.

Why would President Obama betray his ideals and organic consumers? Could the fact that Siddiqui and much of the entire chemical-biotech lobby gave Obama major campaign contributions during the 2008 campaign have anything to do with it?

Siddqui’s appointment was due for a confirmation vote in the Finance Committee on November 20. The hearing was postponed and has not yet been rescheduled. Could OCA, the 80 groups in opposition, and the 77,000 people who have signed the Stop Siddiqui petition have anything to do with it?  LEARN MORE-TAKE ACTION at ORGANIC CONSUMERS.ORG