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California Governor Jerry Brown a Total Sell Out

Jerry Brown, California’s criminal traitor of a governor is intent on selling out the state to illegal immigrants.  First it was giving them driver’s licenses, now more free education and even professional licensing for doctors and lawyers.  Why even have formal citizenship in this country if jerks like this can get away with this kind of absurdity?

He diverted hundreds of millions of dollars in polluter fees into building the doomed bullet train which is billions of dollars over budget and will most likely never be a reality in our lifetimes.

At the same time he does these irresponsible things he has the audacity to lecture the state’s Democratic leadership on the need for fiscal responsibility.  The man is an idiot.

Democrats are the worst offenders of such pandering followed a close second by the ridiculous Republicans.  Both are so desperate to get elected/reelected that they sell out to anyone who can cast a ballot.  If  dogs could vote they’d be giving tummy rubs to one and all.

Politicians are greedy pigs.  In the case of Brown, though, he doesn’t have to worry too much about reelection since he has a huge lead over his republican opponent Neel Kashkari.  Why? We have no idea other than to believe that Californians are supreme suckers to catering to illegal immigrants on every level possible and because the majority are democrats they simply vote that way anytime they can.  Of course the alternative is to vote for a climate change/evolution denying, abortion banning bible thumper of a republican jerk off.  There is simply no real choice; no common sense candidate.

USAViews stands by eliminating the Republican Party from our lexicon and punching the Democrats in the head to wake them up to smell the shit.  Because the U.S. is going down the shitter faster than that fantasy bullet train.


Let’s Kick Sarah Palin Around

I will never forgive John McCain for creating this monster. The monster without a brain, I like to call her. Yes, I’m referring to Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor twit who now says she’s quitting office. Why won’t she go gently into that goodnight?

Not only did she prove herself ignorant, stupid and inflammatory during her run for the vice presidency, she’s now proved she can’t be trusted to do what she signed up to do.

I’d like to think we’ve seen the last of her and that maybe she’ll go deeper into the wilds of Alaska and meet up with a nice big grizzly who’ll have her for lunch, but I’m guessing she’ll more likely show up on the talk show circuit and become a female Rush Limbaugh. She’ll take to the airwaves and spew loads of garbage, make lots of money; the media will pretend they’re outraged and report about her on a near daily basis.

The republican heart throb, or rather, heart ache, will then become pregnant with 8 babies simultaneously; she’ll give birth by ceasarian section. When they cut into her enlarged tummy, she’ll go flying around the surgery like a deflated balloon. They will make a reality TV show about her and her witless offspring; pay her even more money and maybe if we’re lucky, one of her stupid kids will shoot her in the head when he’s practicing his hunting skills from a helicopter. Way to go, Sarah!

Sarah Palin & Her Clothes

Sarah Palin is upset that the news media is still hammering her about the $150,000 or more spent by her and her family on clothing during the Republican campaign. She says that there are more important things to discuss. Probably she’s referring to Barack Obama’s nonexistent Moslem religion or his nonexistent “paling around with terrorists”. Or maybe what she’s referring to is the crib she plans to buy for her teenage daughter’s illegitimate child.

This brain-dead twit still doesn’t get it. Her clothing expense is important because the Republican campaign used public funds just so she could go on a shopping spree. This is just a guess, mind you, but I’m thinking that there are a lot of “hockey moms” out there who might enjoy the opportunity to stock up on clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales – assuming that the majority of them had even heard of those top of the line stores.

At a time when those very same “hockey moms” are trying to figure a way to put food on the table so their little hockey pucks can eat, you have to wonder what went through the heads of Republican campaign managers and Palin herself when her clothes closet was being reassembled. I never understood how people in government can say they appeal to the average citizen when they flaunt their wealth at us. Joe the Plumber too should open his eyes to the hypocrisy of Republican ways. But then again they probably only bought him a new set of designer tee-shirts and perhaps a belt to hold up his droopy drawers.

Except for the clothing fiasco, I do wish the news media would finally forget about Palin now that she’s back up in Alaska holding fort with her convicted felon Senator Ted Stevens who, thankfully, just lost his bid for re-election. It’s the land of the dumb and dumber. I only feel sorry for the poor animals who are routinely slaughtered as a sign of bravado from the human “stupids”. — filed 11/12/08

Republican Lies & Bad Government

John McCain is a repulsive liar and idiot; Sarah Palin is a dangerous imbecile. Together they comprise the team of Bozo and Barbie. May they rest in peace at the bottom of the heap come election day.

With the economy in the shitter, our environment in shambles, our energy policy as pathetic and nonsensical as our immigration policy, the American people should be up in arms over the bullshit being spewed by the Republicans.

We should demand change in the way our government functions. Election campaign reform is an essential as government reform in general. Out with the lobbyists and special interests that have controlled our government for so many years. Is everyone in government on the take?

Let’s get back to McCain and Palin for a moment. They represent “bad government” in its truest form. It’s one thing to campaign on differences of opinion but they seem only to know how to campaign on misrepresentations, taking things out of content, twisting concepts and flat out lies.

When NBC’s Brian Williams pointed out to the McCain team that Senator Joe Leibowitz (McCain’s Democratic supporter) made essentially the same comment that Sen. Joe Biden had made about a new president being tested by the international crisis, McCain and Palin both simply brushed aside the remark and continued to attack Obama and Biden.

Their nonstop attacks on Biden’s remarks are pathetic. They prove just how good the Republicans are at twisting things and diverting the voters’ attention from really important things like what the Republicans’ campaign is all about. If I were to say that the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day, this less than dynamic duo would say I was out of touch with reality, that I can’t see the dire hell we are in financially and that because the person standing next to me at the bus stop when I made my comment is a man named Mohammed who 40 years ago had done something bad, I must therefore be a terrorist.

Sarah Palin can’t utter an independent thought. She has none. She’s a parrot. Every word out of her mouth has been written for her and it reiterates everything the McCain has already said. Of being a “maverick”, Palin has uttered: “We/he have the scars to prove it.” “John MCain has been tested, he has the scars to prove it.” McCain: ‘Well, I’ve been tested. I have the scars to prove it.’ Blah, blah, blah …. Take your scars and shove it.

Sarah Palin is stupid. She said she has foreign policy experience because of Alaska’s proximity to Russia. Even her fellow Alaskans were taken aback by the stupidity of her remark. When asked which newspapers she reads, she said she reads ‘all of them’, then said she was annoyed by the question. I remember people asking other candidates throughout the years the same question, including what books they’ve read recently – none of them were so highly offended as Palin.

The Repbulicans kept Palin away from public view and the press for many weeks after her selection as V.P. Why? So they could mold her into the parrot – which is precisely how she acted in her debate with Joe Biden. She had the audacity to stand up at a public debate which both parties had agreed to and said she was not going to answer the questions. Instead she used the debate as a platform to spew her memorizations of the Republican ticket and to attack Obama and Biden. Actually, I would have thought Palin would be happy as a Caribou in shit in debating Joe Biden; after all his name is Joe, and we know how much Palin is in love with her Joes: Joe Six-Pack and Joe-the Plumber.

Apparently, they also hid her away during that time so she and her equally stupid family could go on a shopping spree to spend $150,000 of Republican money on clothing.

Perhaps the most eggrecious of all Republican charges, though, is the one in which they call intelligent people who have been well educated and who are good speakers “elitists”. It’s bogus. I certainly would much rather have a smart well educated person being the leader of one of the most important countries in the world than having Joe Six-Pack running things.

Just remember, it’s was the Republican base who voted George Bush into office, not once, but twice – because they thought he was someone with whom they’d like to have BBQ and a beer.  — filed Oct. 25, 2008